DE Mission & Vision Statements

Kapi‘olani Community College fosters quality Distance Education programs and classes by implementing its Mission and Vision Statements and its Definition of Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI).

Mission Statement

Kapi‘olani Community College provides open access quality online learning experiences with genuine human connections.

Vision Statement

As a leader in quality online teaching and learning, Kapi‘olani Community College fosters supportive online communities for engaging, authentic and transformative learning experiences that both prepare and empower students for their futures.

Definition of Regular and Substantive Interactions

Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) is a requirement for Distance Education (DE) classes at Kapi‘olani Community College. In meeting this requirement, instructors are responsible for interacting with students on a predictable and regular basis. They monitor students’ academic engagement and success, and proactively engage in substantive interactions with the students. These interactions occur in at least two of the following ways:

  • Providing direct instruction (ie. instructor-created videos, slide presentations, or other instructional materials or meeting with the class synchronously online)
  • Providing feedback on assignments (preferably individualized)
  • Providing information and/or responding to questions
  • Facilitating group discussions (including discussions that utilize Web 2.0 tools such as Padlet, FlipGrid, collaborative creation tools, etc.)
  • Engaging in one or more of the following instructional activities:
    • Sending announcements, reminders or nudges to students
    • Holding synchronous group or individual conferences
    • Assigning and facilitating peer feedback
    • Assigning and facilitating group projects
    • Assigning and facilitating student-led instruction (student presentations, student-led discussions, etc.)
    • Sharing individualized course performance, progress, and/or early-alert reports with students

Helpful Resources

Tutoring & Peer Mentoring

  • UHCC free online, on-demand tutoring in a variety of subjects
  • Online Learning Academy: UH free online tutoring in math, science, and writing by highly qualified college tutors
  • STEM: Free online science, computer science, engineering, and math mentoring by Kapi’olani CC STEM major students. The STEM Center is located on the second floor of Koki’o building.
  • The Study Hub: Free online and in-person math and writing support. The Study Hub is located on the second floor of the Library.